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Welcome To Genius Hub, Driving Human
Capacity Development For Africans

GENIUS HUB is an Organization based in Nigeria with a
fast-growing community that houses achievers through a
success-driven program organized to continually improve lives.
Our high quest to impact lives is motivated by the vision to
expand the Genius Hub community to become Africa’s largest
network of successful achievers and change agents.

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Our Service Divisions

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Genius Hub Property

Genius Hub Global Initiative

Genius Hub Global Initiative is a Non Governmental Organization with a fast-growing community that houses achievers through a success-driven program organized... See more

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Genius Hub Community Engagement

Genius Hub Community Engagement is a programme aimed at reaching out to communities and providing innovative solutions using the Communication for... See more

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Young Girls Foundation

Genius Hub Young Girls Foundation is one that is concerned with empowering the girl child to give her a voice in society, using dedicated helplines to provide counseling... See more

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Genius Hub Junior School Club

Genius Hub Junior School Club is a school club founded upon the need to raise role models, develop leaders, instill character in young children and expose them to... See more

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Genius Hub Skill Acquisition and mentorshop program

Genius Hub Skill Acquisition & Mentorship Program provides training which affords beneficiaries an opportunity to discover themselves & develop soft... See more

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Ewaen TV

EwaenTV is the media and production outfit of Genus Hub. It is geared to promote social and behavioural change whilst providing edutainment... See more

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Our Key Project Areas

We realize that our society is held back by a host of challenges that manifest themselves in the poverty and underdevelopment that pervades our land. Thus, we have carefully designed programs and activities around FOUR KEY PROJECT AREAS that form the pivotal structure of meeting our objective of Promoting Socio-economic Growth in Africa through communication For Development & Citizen Engagement.

Our Blog

Posted: February 12, 2024 at 10:38 pm

Climate Change, Moving Homes, and How Geniushubglobal Helps in Nigeria

Big changes in the weather, known as climate change, are making people move from their homes. This blog looks at how climate change is making communities in Nigeria leave their homes and talks about how Geniushubglobal is lending a hand to help refugees during these tough times. Understanding Why People…

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Posted: February 9, 2024 at 10:08 pm

Navigating Healthcare Solution for Refugees in Nigeria with Geniushubglobal Support

The struggle for good health is a big problem for refugees in Nigeria. This blog explores the difficulties refugees face in getting healthcare and suggests ways to make it better, with a special focus on the efforts of Geniushubglobal to help solve these health problems. Healthcare Access Challenges: Hard to…

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Posted: January 10, 2024 at 8:04 pm

Involving the Conceptual Power in Business

Conceptual Power in Business – This is the ability or faculty of producing a mental image. The entrance, processing, and execution of an idea are all possible through a man’s thinking. The weakest man on the planet is the one whose intellect is weak and incapable of absorbing

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Posted: at 8:04 pm

Audacity of Purpose as a Mitigation for Irregular Migration

Irregular Migration: This is the movement of people into a country in disobedience to the immigration laws of that country. It is the act of making a home in a country without the legal authorization of the government

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Posted: at 8:03 pm

Genius Hub | Building Change Makers

Over the past 4 years, Genius hub has trained 12,000 beneficiaries. Being a change maker does not only mean that you have to be an agent of change, that alone is not enough. Simply put: a changemaker is someone who is taking

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Posted: at 8:02 pm

5 Major Tips for Improving your Work Ethic

Improving your Work Ethic – An established set of values that direct a business’s actions and choices is known as an ethical code. Its productivity and reputation may be impacted by this mindset. A set of moral standards known as ethics influences

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Posted: at 7:58 pm

Psychosocial Support Development at the Workplace

Psychosocial Support – Psychosocial development is an intelligent and systematic model developed and used to boast the psychological efficiency of individuals in helping them to build a successful interface with

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Posted: at 3:03 pm

Psychosocial Support

Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) refers to any assistance provided to persons in order to secure or promote their mental health and psychosocial well-being. While certain focused activities and programs may be used to provide psychological support, it’s crucial to realize that all encounters

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