Young Girls Foundation (YGF)

Young Girls Foundation (YGF)

At YGF we put special attention on the girl child, empowering the girl child to give her a voice in society, boost her confidence, self-esteem, teach her fundamental human right as a girl child, provide education on sexuality education, teach her life management skills, address reproductive health issues and other challenges of the girl child.

We also provide referral services for cases of sexual abuse in collaboration with the Child Protection Network (CPN) which we are a member of.

We have organized over 15 seminars in both universities and secondary schools including “Challenges Before Today’s Adolescence”: health and social aspects of adolescence at University of Benin; “Soji” (a Yoruba phrase meaning “wake up”) is another seminar in partnership with the Society for Family Health with special appearances by Joke Silva, Hon Elizabeth Ativie, Josephine Aneni and Grace Osakwe co-founder of Girls’ Power Initiative.

We have a live counselling line +2349024498585

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