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Genius Hub Global Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organization with a fast-growing community that houses achievers through a success-driven program organized to continually improve lives.


Genius Hub Global Initiative which is a Non-Governmental organization and a subsidiary division under the Genius Hub social enterprise takes part in similar programs as that of the latter.

One of its major contributions in the society is providing education to both the boy and girl child without giving unequal prioritization to any gender role. This impact is made possible through channels like the Junior School Club & Young Girls Foundation. The former is aimed at raising role models and developing the young male child to be self motivated and assertive by engaging them in activities that will improve their academic performance while the latter, YGF is solely focused on empowering the girl child to give her a voice in society, providing sexuality education and addressing other challenges of the girl child.

Genius Hub
Junior School Club

Genius Hub Junior School Club is a school club founded upon the need to raise role models, develop leader...

Young Girls

Genius Hub Young Girls Foundation is a foundation that is concerned with empowering the girl child to...

Empowerment &
Social Awareness

In a bid to foster empowerment and social awareness in the society, Genius Hub Global Initiative set up both the Skill Acquisition & Mentorship Programme, and the Community Engagement Programme in accordance with its social enterprise, Genius Hub.

The Skill Acquisition & Mentorship Programme helps identify potential talents, discover their hidden abilities, train, mentor and deploy them. All of these process is assisted by the Community Engagement Programme, which is the initiative's sole programme for reaching out to communities using the Communication for Development (C4D) approach. This program involves the use of various communication and media tools for community sensitisation, awareness / education campaigns and community engagement.

Genius Hub Skill Acquisition
& Mentorship Programme

The Genius Hub Skill Acquisition & Mentorship Program provides training which affords our beneficia...

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Genius Hub Community
Engagement Programme

The Genius Hub Community Engagement Programme is a programme aimed at reaching out...

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