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Genius Hub Community Engagement Programme is aimed at reaching out to communities using the Communication for Development (C4D) approach.

Community Outreach for Social Awareness & Engagement
"A gap in skills and abilities reveals a Golden Opportunity." - Abhishek Ratn

Genius Hub Community Engagement Programme is the organization's programme for reaching out to communities, using the Communication for Development (C4D) approach. The programme involves the use of various communication and media tools for community sensitisation, awareness / education campaigns and community engagement.

Genius Hub have designed and carried out the campaigns below, across more than 31 communities. Some have been completed, while others are ongoing:

1) “Not For Sale” Campaign (UK Cabinet Office): a communication outreach campaign using billboards, community theatre, town hall meetings, schools, churches and mosques engagements, radio and community dialogue to educate people on irregular migration and the tragedies of human trafficking.

2) Community Outreach: using theatre art to educate market women, churches, communities, mosques, etc

3) Livelihood opportunity through “Waste to Wealth”, and other key sectors of the economy e.g Agro-business, ICT, and Entertainment.

4) “Skills to Wealth” Campaign (cosmetology, fashion designing, hairdressing and film making pieces of training).

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